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Cookie Kits for Lockdown! - DIY Cookie Packs
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Today, we’re going to be sharing with you the TOP 5 Delicious, To-Buy DIY Cookie Kits from Sugar Rush by Steph! 

We’ve all got the lockdown blues this year. With nowhere to go and not much to do, it may be difficult trying to spice up your family’s routine every day. But never fear, we’ve got just the thing for you and your family! Our DIY Cookie Kits are some of our most popular purchases - after all, not only will you have a delicious batch of cookies to eat, you and your family will also have a ridiculously fun time decorating these cookies with icing!

Without further ado, here are our Top 5 DIY Cookie Kits for Lockdown!



  1. Waddle I Do Without You? DIY Cookie Kit

Waddle I Do Cookie DIY Kit

Tell someone that they're important to you by getting our 'Waddle I Do Without You?' DIY Cookie Kit! If there's someone in your life you can't live without, decorate these cookies to show them how much you really care. It's a plus if they enjoy penguin puns - or if you simply love arctic creatures to bits! 


  1. Deep Sea Wonders DIY Cookie Kit

Deep Sea Wonders Cookie DIY Kit

If you're a fan of deep-sea creatures, our Deep Sea Wonders DIY Cookie Kit might ten-tickle your fancy! If you're having trouble coming up with a gift for someone, or a fun activity to do at home during lockdown, this pack is an absolutely fintastic idea for anyone who loves the deep blue sea. Order it now, and these cookies will sea you really soon!

  1. The Llamazing DIY Cookie Kit 

Llamazing DIY Cookie Kit

Looking for some fluffy animal-themed cookies? No probllama! We hope you have a llamazing, fun time with our Llamazing DIY Cookie Kit! This pack is perfect for anyone who loves llamas or any animals, really. The best part is that they look like alpacas too, so if you're an alpaca lover, you can make your vision come to life by decorating these adorable cookies with your family!


  1. Dino Cookiesaurus DIY Cookie Kit

Dino DIY Cookie Kit

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Feel like Indiana Jones? Let's dust off these archaeological dinosaur finds and decorate them with colourful sugar icing and sprinkles! Our Dino Cookiesaurus DIY Cookie Kit is great for anyone who is a prehistoric era/dinosaur enthusiast!


  1. Ultimate Farm Animals DIY Cookie Kit

Farm Animals DIY Cookie Kit

Old Mc-Donald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O! Our Ultimate Farm Animals DIY Cookie Kit is a great buy for any family activity and as a treat! These farm animals are looking a little pale, and they sure would appreciate it if you could fill their colours in and gave them their distinct features! You can use our image as a guide, but you can totally get creative with it - your imagination is the limit!




That's all from us for our TOP 10 DIY Cookie Kits for Lockdown! With these life-saving kits, we hope you and your family have some new activities to fill your days with! 

Until next time!