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Sugar Rush || Orders Closing Soon!

Sugar Rush by Steph is going to be closing orders soon for the holidays - after all, we’ve been working hard all year to make sure that you get your products at the highest quality! A break is in order for our kitchen staff, so make sure you get a few more cookies for yourself this December before we stop, to round out the year 2021 with a delicious bang!

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Sugar Rush || Be Thankful This Thanksgiving!

Hey there, cookie lovers, Welcome to Sugar Rush by Steph! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving this week, and that you’ve spent that time being thankful that you can celebrate it with your loved ones! Thanksgiving, after all, is a time to give thanks, and to not take the things you have in your life for granted! From all of us here at Sugar Rush by Steph, we are always grateful for your neverending support - and we’re sure that you have something to feel thankful for too!  If you happen to be going through a rough patch this festive season, we can think of a few things to live for that might cheer you up! Here are 5...

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