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Sugar Rush || Cookie Packs For A Happy Father’s Day!

A Dad is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love! We hope you have your calendars straight because Father’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re thinking of what to get for your dad, we might have a couple of sweet ideas for you - keep reading, and we’ll list the best cookie packs we think you should get for your dad. After all, he deserves a break and some good snacks for all that he’s done for you!

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Sugar Rush | TOP 5 DIY Cookie Kits for Lockdown!

Today, we’re going to be sharing with you the TOP 5 Delicious, To-Buy DIY Cookie Kits from Sugar Rush by Steph!  We’ve all got the lockdown blues this year. With nowhere to go and not much to do, it may be difficult trying to spice up your family’s routine every day. But never fear, we’ve got just the thing for you and your family! Our DIY Cookie Kits are some of our most popular purchases - after all, not only will you have a delicious batch of cookies to eat, you and your family will also have a ridiculously fun time decorating these cookies with icing!

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