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Baking Is Good For Mental Health!
Did you know that the mere act of baking can be stress-relieving and therapeutic? Amidst a long year of lockdowns and Covid, we think this might just be the activity that you and your family can do to weather this storm together! Baking can be good for one's mental health, and today, we've compiled 5 great reasons as to why baking can do wonders for you!
Without further ado, here are the 5 Ways Baking Is Good For Mental Health!
  1. Baking allows for routine and meditative practice!
With a set of instructions to follow that are simple and repetitive, baking cookies, treats or cakes can be relaxing. With all the chaos that dominates our daily lives, sometimes, simply following a set of instructions to create something so deliciously simple can be therapeutic! Such methods of thinking can create a space for you to get rid of negative thoughts and focus on the task at hand.
  1. Baking unleashes your inner artist!

You've painted on paper, you've painted on canvases, maybe even pottery - but can you say with confidence that you've decorated on a piece of food? Cookies and cakes are a whole new medium, and baking is a great way to flex your creative muscles to make your treats look amazing! You are in charge of all the creative decisions while baking, and with a lot of experimentation involved, you are part of the process. This is a great way to feel in control, when everything surrounding is seemingly out of our control.


  1. The baking process is great for helping one unwind.
Baking stimulates all your senses - touch and smell being the most prominent! It helps get you into the rhythm as you knead against dough, and when you smell those freshly baked confectionaries come right out of the oven? Mmm! Just the thought of that hard work turning into something so yummy is sure to help put your nerves at ease. 


  1. Being able to gift your goodies to loved ones!

After all the baking and cleaning is completed, the one thing you'll have left in your kitchen is a batch of freshly made cookies! Not only can you eat them happily in the comfort of your own home - now, with everyone being far apart, thanks to Covid - we think that the treats you bake will make for great affirmation gifts for your family! It can be very rewarding cheering up your friends and family in a time like this, and we can think of no nobler cause for baking! It just makes you feel good!


  1. The results of your baking can be fulfilling!


There's a lot of trial and error involved any cooking or baking process, but at the end of the day, all those missteps and errors will amount to eventual successses, and what you'll have is an oven full of delicious treats to show for it! Being able to make something with your very own hands can be fulfilling. Baking is ultimately about nourishment, both for the soul and body, so reap the fruits of your labour by picking this amazing hobby up!
That’s all from us for the 5 Ways Baking Is Good For Your Mental Health! We hope that you'll try picking up baking as a a hobby, and that you'lll one day be a master baker with a penchant for good mental health!
Until next time!