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Sports-Themed Cookies!

Rally up, all you sports-enthusaists! Are you looking for new ways to spice up your game? Might we suggest a new snack post-workout or pre-workout? Or even a bite before watching the big match on your telly? Whether it’s tennis, cricket, or good ol’ footy, Sugar Rush by Steph has got it covered! Show that you’re goal-oriented by seeking to get one of our beautiful and delicious decorated cookie packs!

Today, we’re here to share with you some of our Top 5 Sports-themed cookie packs to purchase if you’re an absolute sports fanatic! Get any of these today, and you’re already a guaranteed winner! Without further ado, check out our most popular list below!


  1. A Game of Cricket

What would you buy a cricket fan for their birthday? No need to be completely stumped - our A Game of Cricket cookie pack has you covered! These delicious cookies are a real catch, so don't miss out! This pack comes in an assortment cricket bats and cricket-ball shaped cookies!


  1. What A Catch!

What would you buy a baseball fan for their birthday? Instead of striking out with a bad gift, why not purchase our What A Catch! cookie pack? These delicious cookies are a real catch, so don't miss out! This pack comes in an assortment baseball bats and baseball shaped cookies!


  1. Tennis Time

Is it your turn to serve? Make a good call and score some points with your tennis partner with our Tennis Time cookie pack - no strings attached! If you've got a regular racquet holder in your family, they'll go ball-istic for these tennis-ball shaped sugar cookies!


  1. Aussie Footy

Who's a fan of Australian Football? We are! Whether you're watching the game on telly, or having a sports-themed bash, show your team spirit by getting our Aussie Footy cookie pack! Purchase this cookie pack and bring it along for your next trip to the stadium, or even just to watch the game on your telly!

  1. Play-Offs!

Time to get your head in the game for the Play-Offs! A great way to jumpshoot your first basketball game is to get our Play-Offs pack - you'll be sure to dribble all over our basketball-themed cookies! This cookie pack comes in an assortment of sneaker and basketball-shaped cookies, as well as cookie rounds with shooting hoop silhouettes!




That’s all from us for our Top 5 Sports-themed cookie packs! We hope you think of us for your next big outdoor activity! After all, you’ll need the sustenance to keep you energized when roaring for victory, or if you’re simply yelling at the other team through the television!

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