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Spice Up Your Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody! Today is the big day of spooks and scares, and we hope that you have something awesome planned for the occasion! Halloween in the month of October is the perfect day to have some fun activities, but if you’re absolutely stumped on what you should be doing this festive day, or you’ve run out of ideas, then look no further!

Today, we’re going to be sharing with you five ways you can spice up your Halloween celebration this year! Without further ado, let’s get our scare on with this fun-filled list of activities!


  1. Toilet Paper Mummies

Need a ridiculously fun and silly activity for your kids this Halloween? We think playing Toilet Paper Mummies might be a bit of a mess, but you’re absolutely guaranteed to have a great time with the whole family! The goal of the game is to completely cover you or your friend in TP as fast as possible, without leaving an inch to be seen. The best way to play Toilet Paper Mummies is with two teams, and whoever wins can get extra candy this Halloween (or whatever reward you deem fit)!


  1. Share Ghost Stories Around a Dimming Light!

There’s nothing spookier than sitting in the dark, swapping ghost stories over the warmth of a roaring fire amidst a cold night, or even swathed in a blanket with a single torch with your friends! Whip out your scariest stories to share with your friends and family today, and you’ll definitely have an unforgettable Halloween! (They don’t even have to be about ghosts - remember that time when you ran out of cookies to snack on? The horror!)


  1. Make a Candy Wreath!

You’ve heard of having a Christmas wreath when December comes around - but what about a Candy Wreath for October? Such a decoration is just perfect for spending your Halloween! Stick some of your favourite candies onto a bare wreath, put a bow on it to finish and hang it for display outside your door - your neighbours will certainly be wowed by your creativity! And after all is said and done, you can reward yourself by ripping into that delicious wreath yourself!


  1. Halloween Movie Marathon

You can’t go wrong with a classic Movie Marathon full of spooky horror movies! Grab yourself some popcorn, turn down the lights and hunker down for a night full of screams and terror! From old classics like Nightmare on Elm Street, to new thrillers like It, you can’t go wrong as long as there’s a big baddy trying to go after a group of innocent bystanders! 


1. Bake some Halloween Treats!

How could we not suggest one of the most fun activities of all time - baking? If you’re up to it this Halloween, you can go the distance and bake yourself some Halloween treats instead of buying store bought candy! Your tummy will surely thank you for it! If you’re looking for ways to make your confectionaries a little more Halloween-themed, we suggest browsing our Cookie Halloween catalogue for some inspiration!

(Of course, if you’re simply wanting to make a mess of your kitchen, you could just order some of our cookies and they’ll make their way to you as fast as possible - no mess included, wink wink!)




That’s all from us for some fun activities you can do today on Halloween! What are you waiting for? The night is still young, and there’s many laughs (and frights!) to be had! Celebrate Halloween to the fullest with this fun-packed list today - we hope you have a spooky one!

Until next time!