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Sugar Rush by Steph

Did you know that every year, on the 9th of September, is also R U OK Day?

Sugar Rush by Steph

R U OK? DAY is a day for all of us to connect with the people around and start a meaningful conversation about where they’re at mentally! Many of us may be struggling with life without others knowing it. You don't need to be an expert to reach out - just a good friend and a great listener. A simple conversation could change a life!

Ask the people close around you how they’re really going. Are they really OK? Ask them today! For more information and resources on how to get started, visit !

And even though R U OK Day has officially passed, we at Sugar Rush by Steph strongly believe that every day should be R U OK? Day! If you don’t quite know how to get the conversation started, then no worries! Today, we’ll be sharing with you four things you can do to get the ball rolling!

  1. Ask R U OK? 

Sugar Rush by Steph

Before you ask others if they’re alright, first, ask yourself - are you ready? Are you willing to genuinely listen and give as much time as needed? Are you prepared for the answer, and are you willing to accept that they might not be ready to talk about it? Have you picked your moment? If you’ve sorted out the solutions to these questions, then be relaxed and friendly, and go ahead and ask - ‘how are you going’? Things will pick up from there! And if they don’t, remember to give them space! It doesn’t hurt to offer to talk about something else, or if they’d rather talk some other time, even if over a phone call!

  1. Listen 

Sugar Rush by Steph

Even if you may not relate fully to what the other person is going through, remember to take what they say seriously, and try not to interrupt their speech with your own opinions! Do not judge them, but acknowledge that whatever they’re facing is tough for them. Validate their feelings by encouraging them to explain further, if they’re willing, and show that you’ve been listening by repeating what you’ve heard, and ask if you’ve understood them properly.

  1. Encourage action 

Sugar Rush by Steph

Encourage the person to take action by prompting them with some questions! Have they done anything to manage their situation? Is there anything you could do to support them? What’s something they could do for themselves right now that could make them feel better? You can chime in with a time that you’d gone through something difficult as well. If you notice your person feeling dejected for a prolonged period of time, encourage them to see a health professional. Don’t be afraid to offer help in finding the right person to talk to!

  1. Check-in

Sugar Rush by Steph

Don’t forget to check in with whoever you’re asking R U OK? To! You don’t want it to be a one and done deal! Call your person in a few days or weeks, however long you think appropriate. You could ring up the other person and simply tell them that you’ve been thinking of them, and you just wanted to know how things are going! Stay in touch with them and be there for them - genuine care and concern can make a real difference!


It’s not always easy to keep the conversation going when someone says they’re not OK, but it could change a life. We hope that these tips have helped you garner the nerve and courage to go up to someone you care about, and ask them: R U OK?

Until next time!