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Springtime Cookies!
 Sugar Rush by Steph

Halloween isn’t the only thing that’s coming - time flies so fast, did you realize that we’re already in the middle of Spring here in Australia? That’s right! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the crisp Spring weather as sprung all around! If you’re not keen on celebrating the spooky aspect of this October, we have a great alternative for you! Why not usher in the wonderful Spring season instead?

Today, we’ll share with you our Top 5 Springtime Cookie Packs! Instead of getting the fright of your life this October, these beautiful sugar cookies are sure to put a smile on your (or anyone else’s you decide to gift these to!) face instead! Be prepared for lots of flowers, for they’re the music of the earth!


  1. Thank You (For Helping Me Grow)

Sugar Rush by Steph

When Spring comes along and sparks things anew, we think this is a great time to remind others that you’re ever thankful for them! We all have that one person, or group of people, that have helped us grow into the best version of ourselves. Show your thanks and appreciation to them this Spring season by sending them this bundle of cookies, that include an assortment of flower and cookie rounds, perfect for mid-spring!


  1. Somebunny Loves You!

Sugar Rush by Steph

Hey, were you aware that somebunny out there loves you, and it's these cute 'lil rabbits! They're ready to deliver a whole lotta flowers to you, just cause! Celebrate the peak of the Spring season this year with our Somebunny Loves You! Cookie Pack, which is sure to brighten up anyone's day! With our bunny and floral motif filling this pack up, this set is the embodiment of all things Spring!


  1. A Garden of Flowers

Sugar Rush by Steph


Spring is in the air with this pretty delicious cookie pack! Flowers and freshly baked cookies have the power to lift the spirit and refresh the soul! Life begins the day you start growing a garden, do so with our A Garden of Flowers cookie pack today! What else screams Spring to you, aside from nature galore? This cookie pack comes in an assortment of rose, sunflower, tulip and azalea-shaped cookies!


  1. Is It Spring, Already?

Sugar Rush by Steph

Say goodbye to Winter! Like the flowers in Spring, start this season fresh and beautiful with an assorted pack of strawberry-shaped and watermelon-shaped sugar cookies – a one-in-a-melon pack that’s berry delicious! Spring brings in new beginnings and fresh starts - really, it’s nature’s way of saying ‘let’s party!’, and we think there’s no fresher start than a delicious batch of cookies, shaped to be fruits!


  1. Springtime DIY Kit

Sugar Rush by Steph


The first bloom of Spring always makes our hearts sing! This pack is perfect for any lovers of Springtime! Just after winter, we’re all antsy to get some fun activities in our schedule - what better way than our Springtime DIY Cookie Kit? After all, butterflies and flowers go hand-in-hand in this DIY kit! Get this pack and spend the afternoon decorating cookies with your family, and create an incredible, memorable Spring for yourself!


And that’s all from us for today with the Top 5 Springtime Cookie Packs! If you’d much rather celebrate a calm, relaxing but colourful spring day over Halloween - hey, we’re not judging! Our Spring-themed cookie packs are here just for that specific reason!

With our cookies, you can add new life and beauty to all that is, just as this amazing, flowery season does! If you’d like to see all our Spring related designs in one place, check them out here!

Until next time!