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Halloween Is Upon Us! - Halloween Cookies

October is officially here! You all know what that means - Halloween is right around the corner! We have to ask: are you ready for the spooky season this year? We’ve had a lot of scares this 2021, and we think some creepy crawly cookies might do just the trick (or treat!) this year to scare away the blues! 

Today, we’re going to share with you the Top 5 Cookie Packs, Perfect for Halloween! Try not to get too scared reading our terrifying (more delicious and adorable, really!) list of Halloween-themed sugar cookies!

  1. Happy Halloween Ghosts

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WooOooOooOO! Peek-a-BOO! Did these little ghosties scare you? These Halloween-themed cookies come in the shape of the cheeky ghost emoji from your very own phone keyboard! Scare someone today with our Happy Halloween Ghosts cookie pack! These cookies are also available in different colours! 


  1. Happy Halloween DIY Kit

Ghosts and bats are in the walls, creeping out when midnight calls! Halloween is right around the corner, and our Happy Halloween DIY Cookie Kit is here to scare you into creativity! This cookie pack will make a great Halloween activity for you or your kids this season, and you'll be sure to get into that spooky spirit! We can think of no better way to celebrate this fall season!


  1. Spooky Spectres

Something wicked this way comes with our Spooky Spectres cookie pack! Do you have the stomach to stomach these delicious Halloween-themed cookies? You’ll need these treats to go with your tricks when you’re celebrating the month of October this year! Our cookies will be more than happy to keep you company - so take them around with you! They can’t wait to haunt your friends and family!


  1. Cute Lil’ Ghosties

Boo-yeah! These Cute Lil' Ghosties are looking for a new home to haunt - or to put it simply, they need a new haunt! Our Cute Lil' Ghosties sugar cookies are boo-tifully iced, so raise your spirits and get into the spooky vibe now! Don't forget to choose the colour of your ghosts - even ghosts need to get all dressed up for the Halloween Season!


  1. A Peachy Keen Halloween

Creepy candied apples, bats abound and cute little ghosties are here to haunt your October! That's right, all these cookies are peachy keen, because the time is here for Halloween! Our adorable A Peachy Keen Halloween Cookie Pack features a two-toned design with the colour peach and white! Aren't they great? These cookies are here to scare you in style!



And that’s all from us for today with the Top 5 Cookie Packs, Perfect for this Halloween season! If you’re going to be celebrating it this October month, we highly recommend that you get your cookie orders in right now, before we run out of ghosties to share!

If you’re ready to be spooked, be sure to check out our Halloween Collection!

Until next time!