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Sugar Sweet Stamps Cookie Madness! - Cookie Cutters
Sugar Rush by Steph

If you’re wondering how we make such uniquely shaped and intricately debossed cookies, look no further! We’re here to tell you all about our sister business, Sugar Sweet Stamps, which specializes in making custom 3D cookie cutters!

Today, we’re here to show you some sample cookies you can make with our beautifully crafted cutters, as well as the links to where you can find them! Here are some lovely cookie samples that have come right out of Sugar Rush’s and Sugar Sweet Stamps’ collaborative handiwork!


  1. Among Us Cookies

Sugar Rush by Steph

Sugar Rush by Steph

Watch out! There's an imposter among us! You've heard of the hit game 'Among Us', so if you're playing a round or two with your friends tonight, you're going to need our Among Us Crewmate Cookie Cutter to bake yourselves some treats for the long ride through space! Like our cutters, you'll need to stay sharp!


  1. Baby Shower Cookies

Sugar Rush by Steph

Sugar Rush by StephSugar Rush by StephSugar Rush by Steph

The whole universe dances with joy when a newborn finally learns to shake their rattle! With our Baby Shower Cookie Cutter Collection, these are perfect for those who are baking delicious treats to celebrate someone's (or your own) new child! 

Our Pram, Nature Rattle and Onesie Cookie Cutters will be key in making your cookies stand out!


  1. Bus Cookies

Sugar Rush by Steph

Sugar Rush by StephSugar Rush by Steph

Taking the school bus to school is just how we roll! And one of the most iconic things about England, London, is their trademark red, hot, double-decker buses! If you’re rolling up to the party empty-handed, you can remedy that with these gorgeous cookies!

Make your trip simple and quick using our School Bus and Double Decker Cookie Cutter!

  1. Fortnite Cookies
Sugar Rush by Steph
Sugar Rush by StephSugar Rush by Steph

Know someone who's just crazy about Fortnite, and they just can't get their hands on enough lootboxes? Or are they a big fan of Tomatohead in-game? Feast your eyes on these cookies! The second best thing would just be to bake them yourselves! 

Our Fortnite Llama Lootbox and Tomotohead Cookie Cutter will have you breaking into these cookies without a second thought!


  1. Ghostie Cookies

Sugar Rush by Steph

Sugar Rush by Steph


To wish you a Happy Halloween, is a very taboo thing to do. I'd rather you be very scared, so all I'll say to you is BOO! Aren’t these cookies totally scary? They’re sure to give you a fright (but not before filling your tummy)!

Celebrate any spooky party or occasion this year in style with our Cute Skull Cookie Cutter!



Don't forget that all orders over $100 within Australia will receive free shipping! What a deal!

Sugar Rush by Steph


That's all from us for beautifully cut and decorated cookies! Don't miss out on Sugar Sweet Stamp's Cookie Cutters that now come with upgraded packaging, too!

Until next time!